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2024-2025 Upcoming Opportunities

Consider applying today!
    Legislative Branch | Student Representatives (Unfilled Seats after 2024 Student Elections)

    Student Representatives are selected by their respective colleges to represent students' interests and advocate for the betterment of the campus community.

    Interested in serving as a Student Representative? Email Deputy Speaker Jack LaMorte at Please check back, as there are pending vacancies being processed, and they may be announced soon.

    Anticipated Vacancies

    Check back as we are currently determining which seats will have a vacancy leading into the 2024-2025 Student Congress.

    ISC Leadership Initiatives | ILI (only for new and transfer students)

    ISC Leadership Initiative is a formal internship program where new and transfer students have an incredible opportunity to engage in person and professional development, meet university administrators to learn about the inner workings of campus, and learn about the operational aspects of Illinois Student Council with the anticipation that the following year they'll run for or apply for a formal position in ISC.

    Check back for the ILI 2024-2025 interest form.